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1, there is a place of business, and their business objectives to adapt to the storage facilities.
2, there are some operating funds (large dealers in the city more than 1500000 yuan,1000000 yuan more than the provincial market dealers, distributors to market level above 500000 yuan).
3, there is the need to operate the company's products office set.
4, pay a deposit (mega city distributor of 15-20 million, the provincial market dealers more than 100000 yuan, 50000 yuan more than the market level dealers).
5, must be equipped with certain business personnel, customer service staff, sales personnel.
6, we must set up a store, as a platform to distributors and consumers display products (large dealers in the city more than 120 square meters, 80 square meters above the provincial dealers, distributors to market level of more than 60 square meters).
7, must be in the place of business or near the flow of people concentrated area, put some outdoor advertising.
8, there is a certain distribution network.
9, must according to the regional development plans of the company, complete the assigned sales in the distribution area.
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